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FMA Fanfic- "The Misguided Conversation"

This is Chapter 2 for my Shambala!verse fic, "Conversations". You can read the first chapter here:

And before you ask, yes, I am updating a story I wrote a year ago. I'm a slow writer, ahaha. xD

I mean, I really wasn't sure if I was going to continue this fic, but I decided that I liked writing it, so here you are. This story was originally only going to have 3 chapters, but at this rate I'm thinking at least 10. It kind of depends on where I'm going to take this, because at the moment, I haven't a clue.

Alright, this part is important to read, because it explains why I wrote the story like I did. Italics represent something being said in English. In this story, Amestresian and English are more or less the same language. Regular text represents something being said in German. The first POV is Alfons, and he only knows Ed by "Edward", so he only refers to him as such. Also, when Alfons says "Alfons", although he is really referring to the Al back in Amestres, he assumes the two names are spelled the same. This is the same when Edward continually refers to Alfons as "Alphonse". He simply assumes the two names are spelled the same way. I hope this isn't too confusing!

Please read and review! I love hearing your comments!  

Title: Conversations
Chapter Title:
The Misguided Conversation (chapter 2)
T, for language
Word Count:
Characters: Alfons Heiderich and Edward Elric
Summary: Edward and Alfons have trouble communicating when neither can speak the other's language...

Alfons woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. Today was a Saturday, so no work; and that meant he could spend the day trying to figure out what was going on with Edward. Professor Hohenheim had said that Edward only need a place to stay for the one night, but at the moment Alfons was prepared to offer up his place until he found an apartment of his own. Alfons had the impression that the blonde-haired boy was not too keen on staying with his father (or was he just simply always in a bad mood?).

He shuffled his way to the kitchen, making his morning brew. He briefly wondered if Ed liked eggs and bacon, but then came to the conclusion that of course he did because, well, who doesn't like eggs and bacon?

Edward stumbled into the kitchen just as Alfons was taking the bacon off the pan, the eggs already done and kept warm on a covered plate.

"Good morning, Edward." Alfons said, smiling.

"Food?" Edward asked hopefully.

Alfons chuckled. "Yeah, food."


Ed had never been so hungry in his life (except for, you know, all those other times). The coffee last night hadn't really cut it, especially since he really didn't even like coffee.

He hoped he hadn't made a terrible impression though, as he had kind of gobbled up all the bacon from the frying pan in roughly 4 seconds, before starting on the eggs.

"Erm…" Alphonse interrupted.
Ed looked up.

Would you like more?"

Ed was eternally grateful for the Amestrian. He was too groggy to be speaking another language. So he nodded.

Alphonse attempted conversation a few times, but Ed was still not in the mood. He was still depressed from last night, and the realization that for the first time in his life, Al was not by his side.

Alphonse seemed to get the gist that Ed didn't want to talk after a few minutes. But he looked so dejected... and so much like Al…

Ed sighed.

"How are you?" He said.


Alfons looked up from the new pan of bacon he was frying. Maybe he had misread Edward's expression? He had assumed Edward didn't want to talk this early, but now here he was trying to communicate, and in German too! Alfons smiled, despite himself.

"I'm doing well. How are you?" Hmm. It was hard keeping his vocabulary so limited.

Edward seemed grateful though as he replied, "I am tired. And hungry."

Alfons walked over to dump the sizzling bacon on Edward's plate. "Will this help?"


Alfons stared as he gulped the eight strips of bacon in approximately five seconds. What was with this kid?"

You, uh… would you like more?"

No, it's OK. I'm full now."

Alfons nodded. Thank god. He didn't have any more bacon.

The two boys stared at each other.

"Er…" Alfons started.

"Um…." Edward mumbled at the same time.

Yes?" Alfons said.

"No, no… you go. Not important."

Well, if he insisted. "
How old are you?"


Alfons started at him blankly. Shit. He only knew the English numbers up to ten. Well he felt stupid now.

"Er… what?" Alfons said, embarrassed.



No… like, uh…" Edward held up all 10 fingers, and then closed his hands into fists, opening them again to show 6 fingers.

Oh. Sixteen. Damn, he was young.

"Ah… OK. Sixteen."

"How old are you?" Edward asked.


Edward looked at him. Alfons realized that he probably only knew the German numbers up to 10 as well.

He repeated the same thing Edward did, only holding up 9 fingers instead of 6.

"Oh… you look… young." he said.

"I get that a lot."

"Yes." Edward said, but Alfons got the feeling he had no idea what he just said.

So… how long are you to be here?" Hm… that didn't sound right. He really had to brush up on his English.

Not very long. I want to go home soon."

To England?"



OK, seriously. Ed didn't even know where the hell England was. This was getting kind of ridiculous. And he got the feeling Alphonse knew somehow that he wasn't from there anyway.

Alphonse was staring at him intently. "
You are not from England, are you? No accent."

Ed froze. Dammit. So he had caught on. What to say, what to say…?

Alphonse snapped his fingers. "
You are from Canada!"

Wait, what? What the fuck was Canada?


For some reason. Alfons' eyes were starting to widen. "
You… you are not from Canada then? You are American?."

American? Wait, like America? That country that Germany was so pissed at? That was it, right? But he wasn't from America, dammit! He was from Amestres! How could he make Alphonse understand that?

Alphonse seemed to take his confused, slightly desperate look for fear, because he sort of nodded and said, "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me."

Ed smiled weakly. "Thanks?"

Hold on.

What the hell did Alphonse think? And for that matter, what had he even said? 

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